Pregnancy Amulet Necklace

  • Pregnancy Amulet Necklace Pregnancy Amulet Necklace
    • Pregnancy Amulet Necklace

    handcrafted pendant and adjustable leather The perfect piece to throw into your suitcase or labour bag to help see you through.

    A solid red jasper nugget, believed to be a talisman for courage and to bring relief from pain dangles from a handmade hammered and stamped sterling ring. Red jasper has been sacred as an aid to women in childbirth, to increase the milk supply while nursing and to stop heavy menstrual flow and bleeding during birth. It is thought to be a firm protection against the evil eye and negative influences and is revered for its protective qualities for a pregnant woman and her unborn child to keep them free from disease, injury, and deformity for the entire course of pregnancy.

    The sterling silver bell (handmade by the Hill tribe) is a long standing symbol of purity of thought. It's sound is believed to clear the mind and allow it to focus. It has been said that the sound of bells is so pure that it will ward away any negative influences. Bells are also a symbol of divine female energy and wisdom. A reminder that you do know what to do, to clear your mind and focus. Trust in yourself. Also a beautiful way to focus during labour to the delicate jingle of the bell.

    A Moonstone leaf completes this amulet. Moonstone aids receptivity, and will help to prepare the mother-to-be to welcome a new life into her body, and the new phase of life that comes with pregnancy and the arrival of a new baby. Some people say that moonstone will help to call your intended baby's spirit to you. It is an overall promoter of female reproductive health.

    Comes strung on an adjustable soft and supple Greek leather thong necklace.

    Price: 48.00
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