Miscarriage Gift Ideas

When a friend, sister, daughter, or family member loses a much wanted baby during pregnancy, it can be so hard to know what to do or say. We have created this miscarriage gift giving guide to help you through choosing the perfect gift that will help you to acknowledge your sympathy for the loss of her baby, and to help give her comfort and a means to celebrate the memory of the baby she carried.

Many friends and family members worry that giving a gift after a miscarriage or stillbirth will cause the mother to re-live her grief and sorrow of the loss of her child. This is something that could not be further from the truth. By acknowledging her miscarriage as a loss, you are giving her the gift of your support, empathy, and compassion. She may shed tears, but as a mama who has lost a baby, I will tell you this: she is shedding tears whether she lets you see them or not. By acknowledging her loss, you are telling her that she is not alone, and that you are there for her.

Forget Me Not Miscarriage Memorial Necklace

This is a very discreet necklace that a mother might wear to remember her little one(s) that will not draw attention or questions from others about her loss. The forget me not flower is a sweet and innocent reminder of the life that she carried, while the birthstone bead dangle marks the date that her baby would have been born. If you do not know the due date of the baby lost, you can choose a healing stone such a Rose Quartz instead, that symbolizes the healing of broken hearts.

Tiny Footprintsâ„¢ Necklace

Two sweet little baby feet inked inside a sterling silver heart, symbolize the mark that her baby's life has left on her heart. She will carry her baby with her always. This necklace is a perfect gift for the mother who is less private in her feelings, and does not mind a question about the baby this necklace symbolizes. It is also a good choice of gift for a mother who has lost her baby further into her pregnancy. It can be personalized on the back with a date, initials, or a word such as "angel". The birthstone choice can mark the date the baby was conceived, the date of the loss/birth, or the date that the baby was due. If you do not know the dates, you can choose a healing stone such a Rose Quartz instead, that symbolizes the healing of broken hearts.

Angel Baby Affirmation Necklace

For a mother who has lost a baby during stillbirth or in early infancy, our Angel Baby Affirmation circle is an elegant and meaningful way to celebrate the memory of her baby. There is lots of room to engrave the date of the baby's birth, as well as the name of the baby. A simple phrase such as "Forever in my Heart" or "Angel Baby" is also appropriate.

Custom Baby Footprints

For a baby that has been lost during stillbirth or infancy, our custom footprints pendant allows the mother to keep her baby's own absolutely unique set of footprints next to her heart. We will use the ink footprints that were taken at the hospital and etch them exactly into the sterling silver pendant to provide a lasting memory and celebration of her baby.

For Fathers

Do not forget that fathers grieve too! Many men are much more private with their grief, and are forgotten when it comes to comforting after a loss. They may appear stoic, and unaffected. However, the truth is that many men grieve the loss of their unborn baby, or baby lost during stillbirth just as deeply. The loss of their child rocks their world and their sense of being a protector for their wife and family. Just because he is being strong, does not mean that he does not grieve. Our affirmation keyrings offer a way for fathers to carry their babies with them. We can also make our Custom Footprints Pendants into a keyring, for the bereaved father to carry his baby's unique footprints with him always.

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