Infant Bracelets

Infant bracelets from make the perfect new baby gift to welcome that sweet little bundle into the world. Infant cuff bracelets are a wonderful way to mark special occasions such as a christening or baptism, and first birthdays. Our baby bracelets are sure to be handed down through generations as a keepsake of just how tiny your baby was.

Our infant bracelets come in a range of sizes to fit the tiniest of premature infants to growing toddlers. They are a wonderful gift to parents of twins and multiples, as our baby cuffs can safely be used as a means to identify each baby during those first precious months.

Your infant bracelet is crafted from the highest quality materials; sterling silver, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals and genuine gemstones.

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  • Pearl Baby Bracelet

    Price: 53.00
  • Birthstone and Freshwater Pearl Initial Baby Bracelet

    Price: 47.00
  • Birthstone and Pearl Baby Bracelet

    Price: 53.00
  • Wide Cuff Baby Bracelet

    Price: 99.00
  • Flat Cuff Baby Bracelet

    Price: 59.00
  • Boy or Girl Baby Bracelet

    Price: 53.00
  • Round Cuff Baby Bracelet

    Price: 59.00
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