Miscarriage Jewelry

LaBelleDame's meaningful and heartfelt line of Miscarriage Memorial Jewelry was created to help grieving mothers to heal from the loss of their baby to miscarriage, pregnancy loss and death during infancy. Miscarriage jewelry is the perfect way to reach out to a family member or friend who has lost a baby, to show her that you support her, and understand how important and loved her baby was. Created by a mother who has lost a baby of her own, you can be assured of compassionate customer care and our devotion to detail in honoring the life of a baby gone too soon. To read more about the artist, and her own experience with baby loss click here.

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  • Tiny Footprints™ Miscarriage Necklace

    Price: 37.00
  • Forget Me Not Miscarriage Necklace (Sterling)

    Price: 29.00
  • Angel Baby Miscarriage Affirmation Necklace

    Price: 59.00
  • Too Beautiful for Earth Eternity Circle Necklace

    Price: 79.00
  • Baby Tears Miscarriage Necklace

    Price: 29.00
  • Some People Dream of Angels Miscarriage Necklace

    Price: 68.00
  • Angel Baby Affirmation Miscarriage Keychain

    Price: 46.00
  • Forget Me Not Gemstone Miscarriage Bracelet

    Price: 53.00
  • I Carry Your Heart Hand-Stamped Necklace

    Price: 48.00
  • Tiny Footprints™ Eternity Circle Necklace

    Price: 79.00
  • Forget Me Not Gemstone Miscarriage Necklace

    Price: 43.00
  • Acorn Stamped Mother's Necklace

    Price: 47.00
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