Eternity Circle Mother's Necklace

  • Eternity Circle Mothers Necklace Eternity Circle Mother's Necklace
    • Eternity Circle Mothers Necklace
    • Affirmation Necklace - Miscarriage Jewelry - Script Font - Multiple Birthstones
    • Affirmation Necklace - Miscarriage Jewelry - Script Font
    • Eternity Circle Mothers Necklace Gemstone

    See the Eternity Circle mother's necklace in 14k gold.

    A sterling silver circle representing the unconditional and unending love we have for our families. This necklace can be custom stamped with the names and birthstones of your children, grandchildren, or your family. The back is also able to be engraved.

    This item is hand stamped by the artist, with each letter being placed on the metal by hand, and then hammered to create an impression. Each pendant is guaranteed to be different as the letters will always be placed slightly different. Hand stamping is an art, unlike machine engraving - and as such I believe it has a more soulful quality.

    These pendants come strung on your choice of an 18" sterling ball chain or box chain necklace, or an adjustable Greek leather thong. One birthstone is included, extra stones can be ordered below.

    Comes strung on an 18" sterling box chain necklace. Pendant diameter is 23mm.

    Note about engraving: All pendants will be hand stamped exactly as specified by the customer in the text boxes below, so please pay attention to capitalization, and spelling. If you would like words repeated twice, please type them in twice. If you would like large spaces between names or words, please type the spaces in. We want your necklace to be exactly as you need it to be.

    Birthstone Bead

    Price: 59.00

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    Back (max 20 characters) + $10 US

    Add another birthstone bead dangle to your pendant to honour multiple pregnancies and infants who have been lost, or to mark special dates such as conception, loss and due date or birth date.

    2nd Birthstone +$4.00
    3rd Birthstone +$4.00
    4th Birthstone +$4.00
    5th Birthstone +$4.00
    6th Birthstone +$4.00
    Price: 59.00
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