Forget-me-not Gemstone Miscarriage Bracelet

  • Forget-me-not Gemstone Miscarriage Bracelet Forget Me Not Gemstone Miscarriage Bracelet
    • Forget-me-not Gemstone Miscarriage Bracelet
    • Forget-me-not Gemstone Miscarriage Bracelet with Heart Charm
    • Forget-me-not Gemstone Miscarriage Bracelet Garnet Birthstone

    Losing a baby is one of the most devastating events that can happen in a woman's life - and one of the least acknowledged. A mother who has lost a pregnancy or infant is a grieving mother, and her loss should be recognised.

    I created this bracelet to help grieving mothers remember their babies. To keep their memories close, and to help them heal from their loss.

    It is the perfect choice for somebody who prefers a discreet reminder of their little one to wear all of the time, that will not generate questions that may be painful.

    Dates become so very important to us after we have suffered a loss. What were once days to celebrate, are now laden with so much meaning. We anticipate them, and often fear the emotions that they will stir back up. We are afraid that nobody will remember...but we do. How could we forget?

    Although our babies lives were too short, they have changed us in so many ways. We can honour our babies by remembering these special dates and the memories that they contain. Do you remember the date that you conceived, that surge of excitement when you saw the two lines on your test? The excitement and spark of love that started to grow? Do you remember working out the due date, that special day of our future hopes? These were all positive events, unique to this little soul that graced your life. And although we now grieve that loss, they are the special moments that make our babies unique.

    We also mark the day that our little one was lost to us. Their passing should not be forgotten. It is a day of transformation both as our baby's soul took flight, and as our lives were forever changed.

    Three sets of swarovski crystals in the colours of the months of your baby's conception, loss and due date, are included in this necklace to help honour these special dates. Each set cradles a sterling forget me not flower - the symbol of remembrance. Our sterling silver everlasting love charm is a heart with two spirals. Accents, chain, charm and clasp are all sterling silver.

    I have included healing gemstomes in this bracelet to help to soothe and support us through these dates, and every day, as we walk through our grieving.

    About the gemstones... Rose Quartz is the stone of love and emotional healing. It's soothing energies gently help the wearer to heal from their loss, to ease their anger, hurt, pain and fears. It promotes forgiveness, and loving, bringing back an emotional balance. It is a kind and gentle stone, nurturing us through our times of need.

    Blue lace agate is a protective stone, guarding us during our grief from negativity. It's gift is the endowment of a "bold heart". It helps us to develop and realise our inner peace. It is a stone of hope, cleansing, and harmony. Blue lace agate helps us to reach high spiritual places, connecting us to the more subtle energies found in the spiritual realm. It is also a kind and gentle stone, protecting us during our time of vulnerability and grief.

    These stone were also chosen for their colours, baby blue and baby pink. Many of us do not know the sex of the babies we have lost, and I wanted something that would symbolise all of our losses. Baby pink and blue are also the colours of the pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness ribbon.

    Each order will be shipped with an organza jewelry gift bag and a card that reads:

    Forget me not
    My little one
    You have left us too soon
    Though my body can no longer hold you
    I hold you forever in my heart
    As precious and beautiful as this flower caught in time
    A mother's love does not forget

    This item measures:
    7" in length
    Swarovski Beads - 4mm
    gemstone beads - 4mm

    Price: 53.00
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