Dragonfly Transformation Miscarriage Necklace

  • Dragonfly Transformation Miscarriage Necklace Dragonfly and Amethyst Miscarriage Memorial Necklace (leather)
    • Dragonfly Transformation Miscarriage Necklace

    The first months after losing a love one are a sea of confusing emotions, and the raw grief of new loss. Life is suddenly different than we have ever known it to be, someone important is missing, and we now need to somehow figure out how to live again - we need to learn a new way of breathing...

    I created this necklace to help with the transitions and changes that loss brings into our life. There is no doubt that we will always hold our loved ones close and dear in our heart, but our life will continue - day by day, as we learn to create something new and nurturing for ourselves.

    The dragonfly is a symbol of transition. It starts off life as an ugly creature lurking in the dark murky depths of a pond, hiding in the mucky stuff at the bottom. And really after we have lost someone, that is how we often feel... lost in the dark depths of our grief, wondering if we will ever see the sun again. But slowly overtime the dragonfly nymph transforms, until one day it leaves that murky water world behind and greets the sun, an iridescent pair of wings to carry it through the rest of our life. We too will transform ...

    Grief changes us. It shows us parts if ourselves and others that we may not have seen before. It opens our eyes to humanity - creates an empathy that may not have been there before. It can inspire us to move forward and do better things with our lives.

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