Baby Tears Miscarriage Necklace

  • Baby Tears Miscarriage Necklace Baby Tears Miscarriage Necklace
    • Baby Tears Miscarriage Necklace

    A perfect tiny sterling teardrop hangs lightly from a swarovski crystal in a birthstone color, suspended from an 18" sterling box chain.

    This piece is symbolic of all of the tears cried, and not cried when we lose a little one. The tears of joy when we first found out we were expecting our longed for baby. The tears of sorrow and grief of our loss. The tiny baby tears that we will never get to wipe away. The tears that flow on the anniversaries that come - Mother's Day, the day our baby was due, the day they were conceived, the day that we lost them... The tears of compassion we share for other mothers who know too well our sadness.

    Baby Tears

    We never heard your first tiny cry,
    never wiped the teardrops from your eyes.
    And though our hearts grieve, and we are bereft
    we carry your teardrops, they are all we have left...
    We carry them with us, tucked next to our heart
    your memory with us always, we are never apart.

    This item measures:
    Baby Tears Pendant 16mm x 4mm
    18" Sterling Silver Box Chain

    Birthstone Bead
    Price: 29.00

    More Options

    Add multiple Baby Tears Pendants to your necklace to honour multiple pregnancies and infants who have been lost, or to mark special dates such as conception, loss and due date or birth date.

    2nd Birthstone +$12.00
    3rd Birthstone +$12.00
    4th Birthstone +$12.00
    5th Birthstone +$12.00
    6th Birthstone +$12.00
    Price: 29.00
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