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    A handcrafted sterling silver pendant features a whimsical heart containing the spiral of eternity. You may choose 5 gemstone charms that you feel best represent the healing path you currently walk. Choose which stones you feel resonate to you, or you feel compelled to add to your necklace.

    moonstone helps protect those of a sensitive nature, and to bring good emotions to the wearer and it's environment. It will help to bring a balance between the mind, and the heart. Moonstone allows us to feel and process our emotions, bringing them under our will. It is associated with the moon and is most powerful during the time of the full moon. It aids receptivity, and is a good fertility stone.

    amethyst: a stone for transformation. Amethyst calms the mind, allowing the wearer to think more clearly, and be at peace with their emotions. It brings calm and clarity where there is anxiety or confusion. Amethyst will bring you in touch with your intuition, your emotions and values.

    rose quartz: a stone of unconditional love and emotional healing. Rose quartz will open your heart chakra to be able to experience the warmth and beauty of the world around us. It emanates unconditional love and nurturance, attracting loving energies into our lives. It is truly a balm for the spirit and the heart.

    peridot: a stone of happiness, peridot helps to relieve us of negative energies such as bitterness, envy and jealousy and helps to heal our most tender wounded selves. It is a stone especially useful to healers, and empaths to help cleanse energies accumulated throughout the day, and promote well being. Peridot can be used in childbirth to help open the body for new life to pass through.

    iolite: a stone of mindful awareness, helping to ground us in the here and now and tune us into our internal landscape. It help to heighten self awareness, to get to the crux of our current issues and begin to heal. Iolite is said to stimulate the Third Eye Chakra, bringing knowledge and a higher spirituality.

    aquamarine: helps to inspie a deeper level of meditation and spiritual awareness. Aquamarine is affiliated with ocean energies and helps to keep you connected to its healing and calming energy. It is said that aquamarine is useful in protecting the wearer from gossip.

    garnet: a stone of passionate energy, garnet helps to attract others to you as well as increase your self esteem. It enhances the libido and balances your sexual energy. garnet is known as a success stone and will help to create a satisfying professional life.

    blue lace agate: a protective stone, guarding us from negativity. It's gift is the endowment of a "bold heart". It helps us to develop and realise our inner peace. It is a stone of hope, cleansing, and harmony. Blue lace agate helps us to reach high spiritual places, connecting us to the more subtle energies found in the spiritual realm. It is also a kind and gentle stone, protecting us during our time of vulnerability and uncertainty.

    citrine: a self esteem stone with a warm energy. It cleanses negative energies on an ongoing basis without ever needing to be cleansed of them itself. It is a stone of abundance.

    (18" sterling box chain included)

    Price: 39.00
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