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    A gorgeous fertility bracelet with dainty and ornate Victorian styling, from the creator of the original fertility turtle bracelet that has been helping thousands of women on their journey to motherhood for nearly a decade. (as seen in Conceive magazine!)

    We have taken our well known precious metals original Fertility Turtle Bracelet, and recreated it in silver plated pewter, to create an affordable alternative for every mama-to-be. Fertility treatments and trying to conceive are stressful enough, we wished to make it just that little bit easier by offering the same gorgeous gemstones, with the same strength and energy as our original bracelets, but at a price that will not have you worried about your pocketbook. Just as potent, just as pretty!

    Our bracelets are a standard sizes of 7 inches and 8 inches. Need a different size? No worries! We will custom make one to fit at no extra charge.

    Delicate rose quartz and moonstone beads are caught between silver plated pewter bead caps and strung on the highest quality and strength beading wire. A silver plated toggle and silver plated turtle charm complete the bracelet.

    Moonstone is said to have powers that aid in nurturing receptivity and balancing of the emotions. I included them in my fertility bracelet to help prepare the mama-to-be to welcome new life into her body, and into her life.

    Rose quartz are the beads of love and fertility. They are said to help promote pregnancy and to protect the mother and unborn fetus from miscarriage.

    Our turtle is a powerful symbol of both fertility and protection. A sea turtle lays anywhere from 50-150 eggs at a time, our hope is that she may bestow her fruitfulness on the wearer! In Native American culture the turtle represents strength, patience and the power to endure and persevere. All gifts that we need on our journey, while we wait until the moment we can cradle our miracle babies in our arms.

    Each bracelet is packaged with a parchment scroll with the gemstone meanings, and a Fertility Blessing card with instructions of how to focus your intentions and charge your piece with energy (so important!). We package every fertility bracelet in a sweet organza jewelry bag, because we wish every bracelet to be received as a gift - whether it is to yourself, or to another.

    Price: 24.99

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