Bracelet for a Broken Heart

  • Broken Hearted Bracelet Bracelet for a Broken Heart
    • Broken Hearted Bracelet

    A broken heart longs and mourns for what has been, or might have been, but can be no longer. It demands to be nurtured and fussed over, tenderly cradled close, to bring it back to strength. It requires nursing with a gentle hand and great compassion.

    A heart breaks when the soul inside grows too large for it's casing. Like a new chick hatching clumsily from it's egg, our new selves tumble out from what our life was, to awkwardly and hesitantly greet the new world stretching out before us. The pain that we have endured through our losses opens us to new and greater levels of understanding, empathy and compassion. If we listen closely to what it has to teach us...

    Rose quartz lends its gentle healing energies to this bracelet. A stone of compassion and unconditional love, it helps to ease the sharp edges of our sadness. A sterling heart on a bandaid represents our slowly healing hearts. A Hill Tribe teardrop charm represents the tears we must cry as we begin to heal, and the heart within a heart symbolises the new tender self that is growing within us.

    A perfect gift for ourselves to remind us to treat ourselves with tenderness and compassion while we nurse our wounds, or a perfect gift for a friend, family member, or partner whose heart has been broken and needs the loving support of those around them.

    Price: 79.00
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