Abundance Bee Bracelet

  • Citrine Abundance Bee Bracelet Abundance Bee Bracelet
    • Citrine Abundance Bee Bracelet

    Citrine is a self esteem stone with a warm energy. It cleanses negative energies on an ongoing basis without ever needing to be cleansed of them itself. It is a stone of abundance.

    I truly believe that we are the creators of our own destiny - our own abundance. We just need to be clear about it - about what it is we actually want. We are usually pretty good at recognising what we do not want, but abundance tumbles and spills into our lives when we release our focus from the negatives and shift it to what beautiful things already exist, and what new possibilities await us. We must work hard and diligently, as focused as a bee collecting honey, and before you know it your world is filled with everything you have dreamed of.

    All of this in a bracelet? No...but it is a dazzling and tangible reminder and inspiration that with focus, energy and drive, our whole world can change. It can be filled with flowers, just as this tiny bee's. They are all within reach!

    Citrine gemstones, Hill Tribe accents, all sterling silver

    Price: 74.00
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