Miscarriage Jewelry

Our miscarriage jewelry is lovingly hand-crafted for families who have experienced the loss of a baby due to pregnancy loss, stillbirth, infant loss or SIDS.

Our miscarriage memorial jewelry pieces serve as touchstones for grieving parents, combining symbols of their love for their babies in a tangible item that can be worn and touched, lending strength throughout the day. It is our hope that our miscarriage jewelry will help baby loss parents and families by providing acknowledgment, support, hope, and strength.

Our miscarriage jewelry and infant loss memorial jewelry was created in 2001, by designer Kimberly McIntyre to honour the loss of her own baby, and to help her to heal from the grief and despair that followed. It was the first line of miscarriage jewelry created. You can read about Kimberly's story of miscarriage and healing from baby loss here. It is Kimberly's greatest wish that her work will help other mothers on their grieving journey, and will help to comfort as they begin to heal, and will provide a tangible way to remember and celebrate their babies.

  • Too Beautiful for Earth Eternity Circle Necklace

    Price: 79.00
  • Tiny Footprints™ Miscarriage Necklace

    Price: 37.00
  • Forget Me Not Miscarriage Necklace (Sterling)

    Price: 29.00
  • Angel Baby Miscarriage Affirmation Necklace

    Price: 59.00
  • Tiny Footprints™ Eternity Circle Necklace

    Price: 79.00
  • Pewter Forget Me Not Necklace

    Price: 24.00
  • Some People Dream of Angels Miscarriage Necklace

    Price: 68.00
  • Tiny Footprints™ Miscarriage Memorial Charm (Sterling)

    Price: 27.00
  • Baby Tears Miscarriage Necklace

    Price: 29.00
  • Forget Me Not Gemstone Miscarriage Bracelet

    Price: 53.00
  • Sterling Cuff Miscarriage Bracelet

    Price: 69.00
  • Angel Baby Affirmation Miscarriage Keychain

    Price: 46.00
  • Tiny Footprints™ Gemstone Miscarriage Necklace

    Price: 45.00
  • Tiny Footprints™ Miscarriage Keychain

    Price: 27.00
  • Forget Me Not Miscarriage Ring

    Price: 75.00
  • Angel Baby Heart Necklace

    Price: 57.00
  • Dragonfly and Amethyst Miscarriage Memorial Necklace (leather)

    Price: 39.00
  • Tiny Footprints™ Miscarriage Charm Bracelet

    Price: 29.00
  • Forget Me Not Heart Miscarriage Necklace

    Price: 49.00
  • Tiny Footprints™ Miscarriage Bracelet

    Price: 74.00
  • Forget Me Not Gemstone Miscarriage Necklace

    Price: 43.00
  • Acorn Stamped Mother's Necklace

    Price: 47.00
  • Copper Mother's Necklace

    Price: 25.00
  • Personal Trinket Talisman Healing Gemstone Necklace

    Price: 39.00
  • An Invitation to Tea Memorial Bracelet

    Price: 74.00
  • Round Cuff Baby Bracelet

    Price: 59.00
  • Flat Cuff Baby Bracelet

    Price: 59.00
  • Forget Me Not Miscarriage Ring 14k Gold

    Price: 350.00
  • Rounded Edge Personalized Ring

    Price: 59.00
  • Custom Stamped Sterling Silver Band

    Price: 59.00
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