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    When an oyster is hit with trauma - a foreign body that invades the sheltered life it lives in it's safe shell, it takes action. It builds upon that painful intrusion in it's life, adding layer upon layer of iridescence, until it creates a pearl. An object valued for it's depth of beauty.The pearl is the beautiful hope borne out of the oyster's pain

    Just like the pearl, we can be inspired to take action in our own lives to create beauty and hope out of times that are traumatic and painful. We can create something strong that will be admired by all we let see it, for the depth of it's many layers, and the beauty of it's strength. Whether it is illness, loss, pain, or trauma, we can transform what life brings us and use it to move forward with wisdom and grace.

    I have added a survivor charm to remind us that we have it in us - we are survivors. We can tackle this situation, we can endure, and we can flourish - despite it all. I have chosen the black pearl as a symbol that although our innocence may have been lost, the knowledge of life that we have gleaned - the knowledge of ourselves - is deeply beautiful.

    This bracelet may be customised with the swarovski crystal colour of your choice. The bracelet shown is in purple - the awareness colours of Domestic Violence - and inspired by the strength and beauty of a brave friend who escaped a dangerous situation. You may choose a colour to represent the current or past challenges in your life, or simply choose a colour that appeals to your senses.

    pink and blue - miscarriage and infant loss, SIDS

    pink - breast cancer

    red - AIDS, HIV, heart disease

    brown - colon cancer

    dark blue - child abuse prevention, arthritis

    grey - diabetes, brain cancer

    green - kidney cancer, organ donation, missing children

    gold- childhood cancers

    light blue - trisomy 18, prostate cancer

    teal/aqua - ovarian, cervical and uterine cancer, polycystic ovarian syndrome, sexual assault

    white- innocence, pro-life, bone cancer

    yellow - suicide prevention, supporting troops, hope, liver cancer, liver disease

    Price: 80.00
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