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    The butterfly has long been a powerful symbol across many cultures. It is a symbol of transformation, of the spirit and the soul, and of the unending cycle of life and death.

    To the Greeks the butterfly was the symbol of the soul, and it was believed that each butterfly was a human soul searching for a new incarnation. The Celts also believed that butterflies were new souls seeking life. They believed that a woman became pregnant by swallowing these tiny butterfly souls.

    Early Christians also believed that the butterfly was a powerful symbol of the soul.

    The metamorphosis of the butterfly is a powerful symbol in so many ways for us when we are grieving. They are the beautiful tiny spark of life that came to us, lighted in our lives for a too brief moment before fluttering away. They are the hope that the transformation that loss brings into our life, can result in something different, something beautiful. We may not be the same at the end of our journey, but we have grown, we are able to see things that we could not before. They are the hope that we may swallow that butterfly soul searching for us, and hold a baby in our bodies and in our arms once more.

    All metal used to create this necklace is Sterling Silver. I have included a blue agate and a rose quartz chip for their healing properties.

    Rose Quartz is the stone of love and emotional healing. It's soothing energies gently help the wearer to heal from their loss, to ease their anger, hurt, pain and fears. It promotes forgiveness, and loving, bringing back an emotional balance. It is a kind and gentle stone, nurturing us through our times of need.

    Blue lace agate is a protective stone, guarding us during our grief from negativity. It's gift is the endowment of a "bold heart". It helps us to develop and realise our inner peace. It is a stone of hope, cleansing, and harmony. Blue lace agate helps us to reach high spiritual places, connecting us to the more subtle energies found in the spiritual realm. It is also a kind and gentle stone, protecting us during our time of vulnerability and grief.

    These stone were also chosen for their colours, baby blue and baby pink. Many of us do not know the sex of the babies we have lost, and I wanted something that would symbolise all of our losses. Baby pink and blue are also the colours of the pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness ribbon.

    Each pendant can be customised with a swarovski crystal bead in the colour of your choice (please see our birthstone colour chart). Some mothers prefer the stone of the intended due date, while others prefer the colour of the month of the baby's loss. Neither choice is wrong. If you are unsure, or are purchasing this as a gift, you may also choose a rose quartz bead that is said to be the stone of love and healing of emotional pain.

    Each necklace is sent in an organza jewelry bag, with the above description, as well as a poem card of your selection from the left. The sterling box chain length is 18".

    Poem #1

    My Butterfly ~ by K. McIntyre

    I long to feel the soft weight of you
    to welcome you home, with kisses
    on silky round cheeks.

    Instead my arms ache with the
    weight of your absence,
    the empty places that were meant for you
    to grow into.

    My love for you will last an eternity
    My hopes and dreams now carried
    on the fragile wings of each butterfly passing
    compelling me to pause,
    to savour each moment,

    each flutter in my heart-
    your wings.

    Poem #2

    ~ by K. McIntyre

    all my hopes and dreams
    now carried on butterfly wings

    This item measures:
    Butterfly Pendant - 1.5"
    18" Sterling Silver Box Chain

    Price: 39.00

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